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MUDr. Norbert Cibiček, Ph.D.

I was born on the territory of the Czechoslovakia (in the city of Partizánske, now the Slovak Republic) in 1978. My father was a doctor (head of the pathology department), my mother worked in the healthcare sector as an economist (director of the VZP branch), so since childhood I have often heard about medicine from different points of view. Even as a little boy, I spent a lot of time with my grandparents during the holidays, and then as a schoolboy I helped my parents take care of my younger brother, which left me with a relationship with children and the elderly.

At elementary school, I enjoyed sports, art education and all science subjects, including health science. I liked to bandage wounds and paint bones or muscles... I graduated from high school with a focus on languages (Bilingual English-Slovak High School), I graduated from physics, chemistry and biology, among other things, so it was not difficult for me to continue at the Faculty of Medicine. I chose a school in Hradec Králové, where I also met my current wife Ľubica (now a doctor working at the III. IK FN in Olomouc). Together, we were involved in the medical students' association, in the faculty's academic senate and in other extracurricular activities, and we completed several study stays abroad in various European countries. Ľubica and I got baptized at university and then we got married.

During my postgraduate studies in Hradec Králové (I obtained a Ph.D. in the field of medical chemistry and biochemistry), we had two children. My next trip was to stay at my wife's family in Hranice, where I briefly worked as an internist and clinical biochemist in a hospital. After certification in clinical biochemistry, I taught and worked scientifically for 10 years at the Faculty of Medicine UP in Olomouc and then worked at the Clinic of Physical Education Medicine and Cardiovascular Rehabilitation of the Olomouc University Hospital, respectively. as a clinical biochemist at the Masaryk Institute of Oncology in Brno. I signed up for the educational program to obtain certification in physical education medicine and also became an active member of Sokol. After certification in general practice medicine, I took over the practice of Dr. Víchová (i.e. my mother-in-law).

Iin addition to working in my office I serve as a doctor of emergency night services of the LPS at the emergency department of the Olomouc University Hospital, I teach medical (theoretical) and clinical biochemistry at the Faculty of Medicine of the OU in Ostrava (as an assistant professor) and I also work as a consultant for clinical-biochemical laboratories in Zlín.

My publishing activity previously focused on intensive monitoring using sensors based on microdialysis, I also published works related to food supplements. Recently, I have been investigating physical activity, physical fitness and markers of cardiovascular risk in obese diabetics. My citation index contains over two dozen original scientific papers cited in about 200 publications. As an editor or co-author, I participated in the writing of several books or university scripts, one of which was awarded by a professional society. I gave a number of lectures and presentations at various domestic and foreign professional symposia, two of which I organized. I also participated in the solution of several grant projects and the management of Student scientific and professional activity.

Despite my originally scientific profile, I really enjoy the work of a general practitioner. I am never bored. I like getting to know new people, some of whom also have very troubled destinies... The role of a "psychologist" is no stranger to me either. Every day brings new insights and experiences. I try to introduce modern diagnostic methods in the office, and I am also satisfied with the possibility of performing minor surgical procedures or treating wounds. I believe that my (initially rather theoretical) focus does not have to be harmful for patients. Perhaps on the contrary - some may appreciate it when they learn how to naturally alkalize themselves or by what mechanism hypoglycemia can occur after drinking alcohol :-)

Every success, even a small one, makes me happy. I am grateful for the satisfied smile of my patients. I want to serve everyone as best as possible, regardless of the nature of the disease, gender, age, skin color, religion, sexual or political orientation, education, income, or social status. I hate selfishness, corruption and hypocrisy. Therefore, I recommend patients who would like to misuse my care to look for another medical facility. I approach every person (not only suffering) with a desire to help, I respect the opinions of others, I do not push, but recommend, I base diagnosis and treatment on mutual cooperation, while respecting the presumption of innocence.

With everything I strive for in life and in my practice, I am fully aware that the outcome is not (only) in my hands...

As for faith, as a practicing Christian (Seventh-day Adventist Church) I consider it a necessary prerequisite for my effective service, because without it I would probably find it difficult to find the meaning of my work (i.e. saving the so-called "evolutionarily disadvantaged" individuals) and also a different than purely materialistic perception of life , health and illness, which I consider to be a relic of totalitarian regimes. I perceive health or illness as a correct or disturbed interplay of physical, mental and spiritual functions (i.e. not only intact anatomy and physiology, but also thinking, perception and also a correctly set value system) including all social ties. I do not impose my faith on anyone. However, if there is space and interest, I try to approach the patient comprehensively.

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