Frequently Asked Questions

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Will you vaccinate against COVID-19 with the fourth (or 2nd booster) dose of Comirnata?

We will soon vaccinate with a strengthening dose against COVID-19. We will publish here exactly which vaccine it will be and when it will be available here.

I want to have medication prescribed for six months, but I only get a prescription for three months. Why?

We are allowed by the insurance company to prescribe medication for a maximum of three months. I prescribe a larger quantity of tablets only if one package covers the need for the medicine for, for example, two months (that's why I can write two packages).

I found out that I have COVID-19 (e.g. with a home rapid antigen test). What should I do?

Call us at the office, write an e-mail or text and we will arrange treatment and issuance of your sick note. Isolation is automatic (given by law) for 7 days after determination of dg. In any case, it will be necessary to enter your positivity into the ISIN system, i.e. you will come to our office during the infectious period WITH A RESPIRATOR for a smear and confirmation of your disease, or we will send you for a PCR test. You will then be treated according to risk and symptoms.

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