Price list

Medical report before reconditioning stay CZK 300
Examination for driving license (working) CZK 500
Examination for a firearms license CZK 500
Examination for employment - other examinations CZK 500
Physical examination of an uninsured patient CZK 500
Examination of occult stool bleeding CZK 300
Examination for employment - preventive examination CZK 300
Examination for a driver's license (pensioners) CZK 300
Issuance of a food license CZK 200
Confirmation of the insured event (accident notification, painful) CZK 300
Examination before traveling abroad CZK 500
ECG with result interpretation and consultation CZK 200
Assessment of medical qualification to study CZK 100
Medical assessment for each sport. events, summer jobs, camps CZK 100
Statement for the placement of a person in a social facility services CZK 100
Vaccine application CZK 100
Capillary blood glucose (from the finger) with interpretation of the result CZK 100
Excision of skin fibromas (up to 5 pcs in total) CZK 100
Extract from medical records CZK 200
Issuance of a medical certificate to overcome the disease COVID-19   CZK 100


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