• phone numbers:

+420 581 602 700 - landline (nurse, physician)

+420 737 324 785 - cell 1 (dr. Cibiček, please call Monday through Thursday)

+420 601 584 385 - cell 2 (dr. Víchová, please call this number on Friday)

+420 723 378 859 - cell assistant


Please, if your request can be dealt with in a non-urgent manner (and you are not worried about misuse of data), preferably use: SMS, Whatsapp (or another application), or E-mail. If the phone is the only acceptable solution for you in the given situation, please use the less busy hours, i.e. between 9:00 and 11:00.

By limiting calls, you allow our staff to concentrate on the patient they are currently treating. You could be that patient next time...

(Note: the work mobile 737 324 785 can be used in an emergency even outside office hours, including weekends. If I don't pick up the mobile, it is possible that, for example, I am resting after a night shift at the emergency room... In that case, please excuse me - write me sms and I'll get back to you later. If the situation is not urgent, use our e-mails or the "Write to us" box outside of working hours)


  • e-mails: (physician) (assistant)

(Note: the nurse's e-mail is handled by our assistant. Please use it for general questions - if you did not find the information on this website - or for various requests, such as a request for a statement from documentation. For questions that you want to direct to a doctor, please use the address:


  • mailing address:

MUDr. Norbert Cibiček, Ph.D., general practitioner for adults, Studentská 1431, 753 01 Hranice


  • account number for payments (for statements from documentation, etc. sent by e-mail)​:


Where to find us

The practice is located in Hranice, in Studentská street, no. 1431, on the ground floor of the dormitory building of the Secondary Technical School. The entrance to the office is from the side (right side) of the building. Parking is free along the road.

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